4 Ways to Re-Invent Your Space: Declutter | Paint | Accessorize | Rearrange

Decluttering your home is the first step in reinventing your space. Bookcases, entry furniture and mantles tend to bear the evidence of our hoarding nature. Flat surfaces often become littered with magazines, books, bills, remote controls and paper. Exposed wires from entertainment systems, chargers, phones and small appliances also contribute a scense of chaos in a room.
Decluttering your space by employing storage containers and organizational gadets will put the focus on your room’s design style and not your bad habits.
Getting started
Tackle one room at a time to prevent becoming overwhelmed. If the room is large or very cluttered, you may want to tackle it in sections. Start by using large boxes or trash bags and create three zones: zone one is for items you would like to keep, zone 2 is for items you want to throw away and zone three is for items you would like to donate.
Once your room’s objects are categorized, remove them from the space and clean thoroughly. As you start bringing things back in, be diserning. Electronics should be put in place first. Use cord organizers to keep them under control. Next, replace large bins, large accessories and books. Be creative when filling in bookcases. Don’t just line books up vertically; lay some books horizonally and use small decorative ojects on top of small stacks. Put decorative bins, file holders and baskets in place, assigning each one a purpose. Remote controls, batteries, gaming equipment and so on can be placed in one bin. Toys, blankets, dvds and cds should have their own storage containers.

a room can change the mood of your space without breaking the bank. If painting an entire room is too great a task, try painting an accent wall or the inside of a bookcase to create depth and interest. Keep in mind the room’s use and style, as well as the desired ambiance.

Accenting with BOLD Color
Bold colors add energy and visual impact to a room. Rich and vibrant colors are great in family rooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and dining rooms. Sunny citrus shades in a kitchen evoke a fresh, upbeat environment; deeper tones create drama and richness in living and dining rooms. If you have stained trim, hold swatches up to the trim to see what colors coordinate with the natural wood tone. Reds and yellows often complement deep wood tones, while greens and blues tend to work well with lighter wood tones.

Accenting with NEUTRALS
Neutral shades are great for dens, bedrooms and formal spaces. Neutrals are no longer relegated to boring beige. Neutral palettes in both warm and cool tones lend themselves to a modern, monochromatic look, and instantly update a room. Linen walls offset by a charcoal gray or chocolate brown are ideal for complementing architectural details like nooks and alcoves.

Tips for selecting paint color:
First, consider the existing wall color. Then establish what you want your accent color to achieve. If your walls are neutral and you want to add a splash of color, look at the patterns in your room. Your accent color should be taken from the palette found in your primary pattern. If your walls are already painted a bold color, you want to be sure your accent color is complementary to that existing color. Rust and mustard, lemon yellow and lime green and light and dark shades of the same color make lovely combinations.
Remember that color can be tricky; a shade that looks great in your favorite restaurant may not look the same in your living room. Many paint companies offer sample size paint that allows you to test the color(s) on your walls. You can also paint a board and move it around to see how the color looks in different areas of the room. Live with the swatch(es) for a while and notice how it looks in both natural daylight and ambient/incandescent lighting.
Taking the time to tape off molding and trim, patching wall blemishes and using quality brushes and rollers will ensure a professional application.

Accessories bring rooms together. Pictures, figurines, pottery, books, pillows and draperies define the space they adorn. Changing the look of a room can be as simple as adding wall art or new pillows in a bold color.
To update your space, replace dated accessories with more current trends. Instead of a silk or dried flower arrangement on the center of your dining room table, try a row or grouping of clear cylinder vases filled with natural elements like acorns, stones or twigs. Wrap worn books with craft paper and place in neat stacks in a bookcase or on a shelf. Replace your current wall art with black and white photographs hung gallery style on a sofa wall or in an entry hall. Group like objects together to create a more dynamic display. Lighting also can enhance a room. Make sure your room has enough light by adding lamps in dark areas and dimmer switches to overhead lighting to control the ambiance.

Rearranging your furniture is one of the best way to reinvent your space. Begin by clearing smaller pieces out of the room and then arrange the larger pieces. Use casters and dollies to prevent injury to yourself and damage to your furniture.
Once you have positioned the larger pieces, bring the smaller pieces back in. If your room size can accommodate it, pull your furniture away from the walls or try placing some pieces at an angle. Try swapping an accent chair and end table with ones from another rooms to give the space a “new” feeling. Be sure that foot traffic isn’t compromised and that doorways and windows aren’t blocked by furniture. Seating is also a priority; make sure that chairs and sofas are grouped closely enough to allow for conversation.
At the very least, following these suggestions will allow you to clear the dust bunnies from behind your furniture and prehaps find some spare change. However, taking action and following through will undoubably lift your spirits, pull you out of a rut, spark your creativity and encourage you to entertain more often. Don’t just pine for a lovely home, make yours all it can be.


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